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Are you an "Indie" broker trying to survive and thrive in the real estate business today?

Many independent brokers are finding it more and more difficult to compete today. Between the large national real estate companies, well-funded startups, established franchises and mega teams, the competition can seem overwhelming.

Then there's technology. Brokers stress over keeping up with changing technology, as well as trying to provide the training and coaching their agents want and desire.

While brokers struggle with all of this, they also have to find time to work on agent retention and recruitment. Many find they still need to be producers as well which is challenging given all the other things taking their time up each day.

Many brokers find themselves getting to the point where they feel like in order to survive they must take on the huge financial commitment of buying a franchise or give up their dream and join another firm themselves.


We're Not Like Other Independent Brokerages

At Guerrilla Brokers, you will have the support and the tools to succeed.... without all the limitations, fees and hassle you have with the big names. 

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John Williams has been successfully helping St. Louis area home buyers and sellers since 1984. John has been recognized as a real estate industry leader, both locally and nationally. He served as the president of the St. Louis Association of REALTORS in 2008 and recently was awarded the 2014 St. Louis REALTOR of the Year award. John has lost count on how many households he has helped buy and sell real estate, but it is well over 1500. John has helped first time home buyers, trade up buyers and sellers, retiring seniors, relocating families (both moving to and away from St. Louis), military personnel, professional athletes, new construction buyers, real estate investors and more.

John Williams


Dennis Norman is a Broker, Owner and REALTOR® with over 30 years of experience in the greater St. Louis market. His passion for real estate began at the young age of 18 and includes experience as a broker, investor, landlord, builder, developer and lender. Dennis is well-versed in every facet of the real estate industry. Each transaction is unique and with his perspective and experience “from the trenches” he is able to faithfully guide his clients through every step their real estate transaction.

Dennis Norman


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